What We Do

We play following role to improve our environment
  • Creating awareness among the public on current environmental issues and solutions.
  • Facitilating the participation of various catagorise of stakeholders in the discussion on environmental issues.
  • Being involved in the protection of human rights to have a clean environmental.
  • Protecting the natural resources and entrusting the equitable use of resources.
  • Data generation on natural resources.
  • Analysis and monitoring of environmental quality.
  • Transferring information through newsletters,brochures,articles,audio,visuals etc.
  • Organizing seminars,lectures and group discussion for promotion of environmental awareness.
  • Helping the villages administrative officials in preparation,application and execution of projects on environmental protection.

We play a vital role in helping people in a variety of ways. By looking after the helpless ,distressed and deprive people, we have helped and contributing to the development of the Indian society.

Where government outreach programs are hard to reach, for instance people in the tribal belts, we trying to fill this gap by bringing welfare programs to people. Welfare programs of us vary like serving various segments of the society, for example, the slum children in metro cities, a welfare program for the upliftment of women, special program in the face of a natural disaster.

It has been more than half century since India achieved freedom. Observing the big amount of illiteracy, the constitution of India under article 45 made it obligatory on the Govt. to achieve 100% literacy within ten years from the enforcement of the constitution in 1950. The Article 45 also states that ‘the State shall endeavour to provide free and compulsory education for all children until they complete the age of fourteen years’. Cent percent literacy, with free and compulsory education, in India should have become a reality by 1960.

For the bright future of the next generation, Health is one paradigm which cannot be ignored. Health is one of the most focused areas that we chooses to address through a broad variety of interventions for issues like HIV/AIDS, Mother & Child Health (MCH), Rural health services and Health for senior citizens.Health is importaint factor is it must be deliver to the peoples.In that case our primary functions are

  • To promote health care services that are responsive to the diversity of the population and users’ cultural and linguistic identity and their life histories.
  • To promote more equitable and effective access to health care services among marginalized sections of the population, particularly those who came as immigrants or refugees (whether recently or not).
  • To promote a greater appreciation of the role NGOs can and do play in the health care system, particularly with respect to marginalized sections of the population, in the identification of health care needs, cultural interpretation, access, facilitation of institutional adaptation and delivery of services.